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Piano humidification

Humidifier for pianos

The most important point for your piano to maintain its value and playability over many years is a constant climate. That no extreme temperature or humidity fluctuations. Likewise, direct "sunshine" or heat radiation of a radiator should be avoided at all costs. The biggest damage suffered by the pianos (in our latitudes) by "dehydration". The main material is just wood and due to low humidity this begins to shrink or it gets "cracks". The consequences are extreme detuning - total sound change u.s.w.
Often you can not repair such a piano - the cost would be too high!
But today there are ways to prevent this! We have been offering successfully used products for many years.


Simple but effective moisture bar! It should preferably be installed 2 pieces. Also suitable for self-installation!

Piano Life Saver (Dampp Chaser):

Perfect climate system for your instrument! Keeps the climate in your piano constant! Both for too humid and too dry indoor air! Can regenerate already dried instruments! Fully automatically controlled! - Easy handling!


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