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Piano Lamps and Lights

We offer our piano and wing lamps with 3 different bulbs:


Normal light bulbs (mostly candlesticks with E14 threads)

These have a limited lifespan of a few hundred hours. Very pleasant light but low light output! Can also be replaced by energy-saving lamps, which in most cases offer a very unpleasant light!

Halogen lamps (mostly low-voltage halogen bulbs 12V / 20W)

Here the life span is about 1000 hours! Very high-contrast light with higher light output, such as incandescent lamps. These piano and wing lights are all supplied with a mains unit (mostly integrated in the plug). Few models also use high-voltage halogen lamps. The features are very similar to those of the low-voltage halogen lamps - but do not need a power supply!

LED (light-emitting diode)

These lamps offer the highest light output! Compared to a halogen piano lamp which is usually equipped with 2x20W bulbs here is the power consumption only about 5W! With the same light output! Also, the lifetime is a multiple of the other bulbs. It is about 20-30,000 hours. Because of this high operating time, you do not need to renew the bulb! Another advantage is the low heat development of these lights. Normal bulbs and halogen lamps are very hot during operation! One should therefore not touch these lamps in operation (risk of burns!) That is not the case with LEDs! The electrical energy is converted here primarily into light and not into heat!

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