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Piano Climate

Why is controlled humidity important for your piano?

A piano is mainly made of wood! When this moisture is removed, it starts to lose volume! (You can say it "shrinks"!) This causes the vocal cords to loosen and the soundboard loses its camber. The piano begins to get extremely out of tune. But also the piano mechanics does not remain undamaged! The instrument starts to rattle! If the dehydration persists for a long time, cracks form on the vocal floor and soundboard - the result is that the piano can no longer be tuned. The repair costs in such a case exceed the value of the instrument in most cases many times over! The piano can only be disposed of more! However, even exceeding the optimum humidity will damage your piano sustainably. Mold growth, stuck buttons and hammers, rusting strings, dissolving glue joints are just a few unpleasant marginal effects. (Incidentally, are "damage by ungeignete Lutfeuchte" at the top of all piano repairs! The instruments are usually not by playing but by improper climate broken!) The ideal humidity is about 50%.

What can you do about it?

Choose a suitable location:

Do not place near heaters or windows and places that are endangered by air! Avoid rooms with underfloor heating!

To buy humidifiers:

In small closed rooms makes sense! However, care should be taken to ensure adequate performance of the device. (You can easily calculate the water requirement for a room: floor area (m2) x room height (m) x 0.05 = daily requirement in liters (eg an apartment 70m2 living space and 3.60 m room height will give a daily requirement of about 12 liters of water!) As humidifiers only so-called "cold evaporators" should be used, which have a low energy consumption and additionally filter the room air (hence often the designation "air washer") With all other devices either a high energy consumption or other disadvantages arise (lime dust as well as medical dust) Concerns about Allergiebelastung).

Install Piano Life Saver:

The ideal solution! This system perfectly protects your piano (whether grand piano or piano). Whether the humidity is too high or too low - this device keeps it constant!

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