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Piano Caster Cups

Why the piano caster cups? These should generally fulfill 4 tasks!

1. Protection of the floor by increasing the contact surface
Piano rolls usually have too small a support surface and can thus leave scratches and other damage to the floor

2. Easy to move the instrument
Usually by special coating z.b. Teflon or by felt discs which are glued to the piano mat

3. Sound insulation
Integrated industrial rubber damping elements significantly reduce the sound transmission that occurs mainly over the floor. These damping elements can already be integrated in the piano mat ("Piattino") or inserted later ("Cipremont or Isofloor")

4. Beautiful form
A shapely coaster significantly enhances the appearance of the piano! A special position is occupied by the so-called "piano roller blocks". Load distribution on many specially coated rollers ensures extremely easy movement.


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