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Right piano care

Most pianos are broken not by playing but by lacking or wrong care! A good location selection - sufficient constant humidity - regular service. And your piano will give you pleasure for decades!

Correct location:

Avoid locations with direct sunlight, in front of radiators, with direct drafts (in the case of windows, balcony doors, etc.). Prefer interior walls!

Room climate (humidity!):

The humidity should be fairly constant 50% rel. LF amount! In the case of existing central heating this value is usually not reached! In this case we recommend the installation of two Hydroceelstäben - better still the installation of a Piano Life Savers (Dampp Chaser). With underfloor heating, the second is a true must - only this way you can prevent the total dehydration of your piano! A constant temperature should be guaranteed (so away from windows and doors that are opened in cold weather). In rare cases, the humidity is too high - even there helps only the installation of a piano-life savers!

Regular service of your instrument:

Your piano should be tuned at least once a year! On this occasion, your instrument will be reviewed and you will be alerted to possible errors. Rough defects should be remedied soon if possible. (Defective or missing strings, stuck buttons, etc.). The mechanics should also be readjusted from time to time to ensure a perfect function. Hammerheads hit the strings - the sound becomes hard and nasal. An intonation or renewal can work miracles. Every 2-3 years your piano should undergo an additional internal cleaning. In this way you will enjoy many years with your instrument!

Care of the piano surface:

There are different versions of piano surfaces! From real polish on shellac base to the usual polyester surface today. There is also a corresponding remedy for all these different materials. The piano keys can be made of ivory or plastic. Again, there are appropriate care products. A large selection for various applications can be found in our shop.

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