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Age determination of pianos

How old is my piano? Age determination of pianos
Often it is important to know the year of production of a piano! We offer this information for free.
Give us the so-called "Opus number" and the "piano brand" via contact form or by email to shop@pianoservice.at

The piano brand is usually easy to find - but where can I find the opus number?
This is mostly installed in the piano inside.
Open the piano for this purpose. (For a grand piano the lid - For a piano you have to take out the front wall)
On the following picture is the number below the strings at the so-called sound board! But look out for other places too!

In the following picture the piano brand is clearly recognizable!

But it's not always that easy!
Often the brand name consists only of glued letters or it was just a whole sign simply screwed!
It often pays off to dismantle this sign and look under it.
If the brand name differs with the name stamped on the bottom of the resonator, the designation on the soundboard is valid!
Even if you have clearly determined the brand and the opus number, it is sometimes impossible to determine an exact year of production.
Of many smaller companies there are no exact records - often one can only determine the establishment time of the appropriate company.

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