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Hydroceel - piano humidifier stick - 50cm

Hydroceel - piano humidifier stick - 50cm
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Hydroceel - the practical water evaporator

For pianos, grand pianos, harpsichords - special version with a length of only 50cm.

Drought is your instrument's greatest enemy!
The air that is too dry, which is caused by almost every modern heating system, is particularly bad for your instrument and results in, among other things: rapid detuning, loosening of the tuning pegs, cracks in the soundboard, damage to the mechanics, etc.

The Hydroceel stick is a moisture vaporizer that is attached directly to the instrument and its ingenious and well thought-out design ensures that moisture is evenly distributed. The Hydroceel stick is impermeable to dripping water!

This shorter version of the Hydroceel rod is particularly suitable for instruments that do not have enough space for the Hydroceel rod with a length of 1 m. In this case there is also the possibility of attaching 2 Hydroceel sticks with a length of 50 cm.

Filling: The Hydroceel is placed in a bathtub partially filled with water for 10 minutes. Then dry it off well and, in a few simple steps, hang it back on the bracket inside the instrument. We also offer a special filling sack for easy refilling of the hydroceel.

When does the hydroceel need to be filled?
Every 3 to 4 weeks during the heating season and every other week if the heating is very strong.
When the summer is humid, the Hydroceel attracts moisture - the excess in your instrument is then soaked up.
Then, as after the heating season, the stick should be dried thoroughly in the outside air.
In a very dry summer, fill the hydroceel only once. We recommend using a hygrometer in conjunction with the Hydroceel.

Result: If these simple operating and installation instructions are observed, your instrument will retain its good playing characteristics and its correct tuning! Depending on the local water quality, the rod should be changed after 10 years at the latest.

Delivery incl. 2 hooks, screws and instructions

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