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DAMPP CHASER Life Saver System for Upright Pianos / Grand Pianos

DAMPP CHASER Life Saver System for Upright Pianos / Grand Pianos
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The Piano Live Safer climate system is the optimal solution for all instruments that are located in climatically unfavorable locations.
Whether it is underfloor heating or an often changing climate in the room, the air conditioning system intervenes immediately and regulates.
It does not matter whether the room climate is too dry or too humid. The system can compensate for this in both directions.
The optimal humidity in the room should not be below 40% and, if possible, not continuously rise above 60% and also remain as constant as possible. The built-in air conditioning system is usually completely hidden behind the housing. A water tank and a heating rod are integrated. A small control unit is attached below the keyboard and shows you whether the system needs to be filled with water or whether the evaporator mats need to be replaced. Due to the uniform climate, the voice posture improves.
  • We offer Piano Life Saver systems in the following versions:
  • Piano Life Saver System for Piano
  • Piano Life Saver System grand piano 5-part up to 180cm
  • Piano Life Saver System 6-part grand piano from 181 - 240cm
  • Piano Life Saver System 7-part grand piano from 241-290cm
  • Recommended for underfloor heating and fluctuations in humidity
  • No noise whatsoever
  • Long voice stance
  • Preservation of the value and protection of your instrument

Have the Piano Life Saver System installed by certified piano builders and service technicians and serviced according to the manufacturer's guidelines.


1) The newly installed Piano Life Saver System changes the moisture content in the wood of the instrument and thereby changes the mood. It is best to install the system about 3 weeks before a cue.

2) A damaged or broken cord can cause fire or electric shock. If the piano is rolled over the connection cable, it can be damaged. Examine the lines of the system at every service.

3) Installation of the Piano Life Saver System should be performed by a professional piano technician or tuner. All promised or otherwise effective warranties are void if the system is installed by an unqualified person.
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